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Wedding Registry: Best Things We Registered For

Wedding Registry: Best Things We Registered For

When it comes time to register for your wedding, there are a lot of things to be excited about. Your first reaction will probably be, “free stuff!” And though that is sort of true, it is important to not got crazy.

Be Realistic

If you know your family and friends are not going to have a ton of money to buy you gifts, don’t register for china that is $100+ per place setting. When you go register for gifts, the sales people will try to push the expensive china and glassware. Just kindly but firmly say no thank you and move onto the next section of the store. Or better yet, sign up for your registry online before you go to the store, download the registry app for that store, and go do it yourself. Trust me…it will be way less stressful to do it by yourselves.

I looked at a registry of a couple for a wedding my husband and I were invited to. This couple had over 700 items on their registry. I could not even believe how much stuff they had registered for. In my opinion, having too many items on your registry can appear like you just added everything you saw without thinking it through or that you’re being a little greedy. I’m sure no one wants to make their guests think either of those things…so be conscious about what you’re adding.

What to register for?

Before you start adding things to your registry that are just “wants,” you need to add the thing that you’re going to need. Are you still using your old cheap cookie sheets from college? Do your bath towels have frayed edges? These are the types of things that are important to add to your registry first. If there are a lot of things that you need, you probably shouldn’t add a ton of things that would just be fun to have. You need to be strategic about what is more important for you to get.

Take a second look

I also found it to be helpful to go back and look at my registry a week and a month after I created it. When I looked back at our registry, I ended up changing a few things and taking some items off because I realized we really didn’t need them.

You will also need to go back and look at you registry to make sure none of the items you registered for have been discontinued. This can happen if you created your registry too far in advance of your bridal shower and wedding.

Here are a few things that we registered for and that my husband and I use all the time:

More espresso, less depresso.

We use this basic $2.49 item more often then you would think

This spoon rest fits really nicely right on our stove and doesn’t get in the way of cooking. Plus, it’s super cute.

This paper towel holder has some weight to it because it’s made of marble. This helps it not fall over when you’re grabbing a paper towel.

These are the best pots and pans I have ever used. Nothing sticks to them which makes them so easy to clean.

This silverware has a little weight to them and are very smooth in your hand.

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